Certificate of Professional Development

Pacific TAFE’s Certificate of Professional Development is a non-credit micro-programme of no less than 30 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours of training with a focus on the acquisition of practical in-demand knowledge and skills.

The micro-programmes are primarily targeted at professionals who already have some experience in a specific industry or professional field and wish to sharpen their professional skills and competencies, as well as validate them through academic recognition.

The programmes are composed of short courses that make up for the required CPD hours for individual programmes.

CPD is 100% online. Our delivery modality allows students to gain skills they can immediately apply in their organisations and earn a certificate from Pacific TAFE. Explore below to find the programme that’s right for you.

Start and End Date: You can start anytime, however, you have to complete the programme in 24 weeks. 

Course length: Each CPD requires a minimum of 30 hours of your time to complete.

Fee: The fee for each online CPD is FJ$400.00. Regional students, please convert this to your own currency. (Please note that on-campus CPDs have a different fee)

Registration: Please click on the programme links below to register. Once you register, we will send you an invoice. You will be granted access to our online learning platform when we receive the payment.

Certificate: You will receive a Certificate of Professional Development upon successfully completing the programme with a minimum 80% score in each online assessment activity. Please submit the Certificate Request Form once you complete the programme.