Certificate of Professional Development

Digital Business Strategies

Programme structure:

Course 1: Digital Citizenship

Technology is constantly evolving, and access to the digital world is literally in the palm of our hands. We use it to learn, communicate, buy, bank, share, and socialize. Unfortunately, many people are not educated in appropriate technology use; others know but do not practice it. This course aims to increase your knowledge and appreciation of the practices needed to ensure you are a good digital citizen.

Course 2:Digital Transformation

This course will teach you about digital transformation, and what companies in different industries are doing, as well as best practices that can be employed in your own organization.

Course 3: Building a Brand on Social Media

Social Media is now firmly embedded in our cultural psyche and our corporate way of life. You can get a grip on the best ways to exploit various social media platforms with this comprehensive course.

Course 4: Social Selling for Small Businesses

This course will help you develop your social selling skills by focusing on developing meaningful relationships with customers and potential customers through social media. You will also learn all about ways to harness the power of social media to spread your message far and wide to your target audience.

Course 5: Marketing with Social Media

Social media remains an evolving aspect of our daily lives in addition to being a part of our businesses. If you understand the basics of social media, this course will give you ways to add it to your marketing plan.

Duration:  You can start this course anytime and must finish with 6 months from the start date.

Fee: $300.00 (this fee is only available until December 31, 2020.)

Mode: Study on a world-class online learning platform. 80% score is required for each course to complete the programme.

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