Certificate of Professional Development

HTML & CSS Coding Fundamentals

This CPD in HTML & CSS Coding Fundamentals teaches you the fundamentals of coding in HTML and CSS. We start with exploring HTML Development using some of the most commonly used tags and attributes. You will learn the composition of an HTML file, and some of the essential components. Included are hands-on exercise files that help solidify the concepts we explore in the course. After the HTML you will jump into CSS to fully customize the look of their web pages. The course provides an extensive overview of CSS attributes, components, and positioning. 

This course is for beginner web developers who want to learn to code in HTML & CSS. It is also beneficial to those who maintain webpages or content management systems.

Programme structure:

Course 1: Getting Started with HTML 

In this course, learn how to get started with HTML — properly typing code; adding basic elements such as headings, paragraphs, and breaks; and creating bulleted or numbered lists.

Course 2: Doing More with HTML

This course expands on the Getting Started with HTML course, teaching how to add images, links and tables in HTML.

Course 3: Getting Started with CSS 

Getting started with CSS is the focus of this course: adding the <style> tag to HTML code, adding colours to elements with CSS, and using identifiers to select elements to style.

Course 4: Styling Text with CSS 

In this course, learn about styling text with CSS. Changing the font family and size of a section of the text, using additional properties such as font style, font-weight, line height, and text-align are topics covered. As well, learn how to use the CSS font-style shorthand.

Course 5: Extended Styling Techniques using HTML and CSS     

This course teaches about other styling techniques using HTML and CSS, including using grouping elements, changing the dimensions of a div block, and using the CSS box model to format a webpage.

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