Certificate of Professional Development

Human Resource Generalist

Every industry, business and trade needs human resource specialist for maintaining their workforce. Our CPD in Human Resources Generalist Program is designed to help you carry out work effectively in almost any company’s human resources department.

Programme structure:

Course 1: Hiring for Success-Behavioral Interviewing Techniques

The interviewing process sounds easy enough: you arrange for a conversation with potential candidates and then select the best person for a particular position. However, we all know that it isn’t really that simple. This course will give you the skills and tools to hire successful candidates.

Course 2: Performance Management-Managing Employee Performance 

Inspiring someone to be their best is no easy task. How do you manage for optimum performance? How do you create a motivating environment that encourages people to go beyond their best? This course will give you some of those skills.

Course 3: Conducting Effective Performance Reviews   

Performance reviews are an essential component of employee development. After all, how will employees be able to meet their goals if they don’t know what those goals are? This course will help you set up and execute a performance management process.

Course 4: Business Succession Planning

Change is a hallmark of today’s business world, especially in terms of the workforce. Succession planning can help you make the most of that change by ensuring that when someone leaves, there is someone ready to take their place.

Course 5: Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a necessary part of our personal growth and development. It only becomes an issue when the people involved cannot work through it. When this happens, negative energy can result, causing hurt feelings and damaged relationships. This course will teach you how to resolve conflict and gain positive results.

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