Certificate of Professional Development


Sales training help salespeople learn and/or improve their selling technique, skills, and processes. The ultimate goal is improving bottom-line results.  Our CPD in Sales has identified and outlined the critical selling skills and behaviors most needed to improve sales performance and reduce the duration of the sales cycle.

Programme structure:

Course 1: Selling Smarter

The sales industry keeps evolving, and that means you need to keep growing too! Today’s successful salespeople focus on personal efficiency, delivering more to existing customers, and customer-focused selling. You can learn these skills with this course.

Course 2: Prospecting for Leads like a Pro

Sales is a constant cycle. In order to make sales in the coming weeks and months, you need to start planting the seeds today. Understanding how to identify and manage prospects is a key part of your sales success.

Course 3: Overcoming Objectives to Nail the Sale

We’ve heard it all before: “Maybe some other time.” “Not today, thanks.” “Go away!” This course will give you some techniques to overcome objections and get the customer to say, “Sign me up!”

Course 4: Telemarketing: Using the Telephone as a Sales Tool

Where does the telephone fit into your sales strategy? After all, the telephone can supplement, enhance, and sometimes replace other means of marketing and selling. Learn how to leverage telemarketing as a sales tool with this course.

Course 5: Dynamite Sales Presentations

Research in business etiquette has shown that when you first meet someone, the first twelve steps you take are critical in forming a perfect first impression. A good sales presentation begins when you enter the room, and the best sales presentation methods take into account not only what you’re bringing to sell, but how you present with it.

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