Certificate of Professional Development in Caregiving & Aging Support

Course Overview

The Certificate of Professional Development in Caregiving & Aging Support prepares individuals for careers in Aged Care, emphasizing personalized care for the elderly in various settings. It covers ethical and legal aspects, emphasizes Duty of Care, and enhances well-being.

The program also addresses mental health, medication management, and disability support, ensuring a comprehensive skill set for caregivers to provide high-quality care to the elderly and those with disabilities.

Programme structure:

Module 1: Caregiving Essentials & Aging Support

This training readies learners for careers in Aged Care, covering care for elderly individuals in various settings, emphasizing personalized services under supervision. It aims to foster a deep understanding of the challenges in Elderly Care and excellence in the Caregiving Industry.

Module 2: Ethics & Legal Aspects in Age Care

This training equips Aged Care industry learners with knowledge of ethical and legal aspects, emphasizing professional care for older individuals. It focuses on understanding Elderly Care challenges, instilling a sense of Duty of Care, and enhancing the safety, health, well-being, and quality of life for those under their care.

Module 3: Emotional & Psychosocial needs in Age Care

As individuals age, their physical and mental needs evolve, potentially presenting challenges in caregiving. This training emphasizes understanding the emotional and psychological needs of older individuals, improving their physical well-being, and addressing family dynamics before resorting to clinical interventions, promoting effective care for the elderly.

 Module 4: Medication, Administration & Hygiene in Age Care

In aged care, residents often take multiple medications, posing risks of adverse reactions and increased drug sensitivity due to aging. This training focuses on caregivers’ understanding of medicine management, covering administration, monitoring, education, and best practices. Additionally, it emphasizes monitoring and promoting hygiene to prevent bedsores and other health issues.

Module 5: Disability Support in Age Care

This training readies learners to provide assistance to older individuals with disabilities, addressing challenges in daily life. It covers a spectrum of disability support services, including mobility aids like wheelchairs and access to allied health professionals such as occupational therapists, dietitians, and physiotherapists, ensuring comprehensive care and support.

 Internal Assessment

Individual Assessment will be carried out on each of the 5 Modules.

Certificate: You will receive a Certificate of Professional Development upon successfully completing the programme with a minimum 80% score in each Module.

 Tuition Fee for CPD

FJD $1,250.00.  Fee needs to be paid prior to commencement of training.

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