Computer Basics: Advanced


This four-level course is intended for those who have little or no experience with computers. We will take you through the inside and outside of a computer, into the operating system, and through some basic applications. Course objectives map to Modules 1, 2, and 7 of the ICDL core.

Requirements: No previous experience with computers is required. A computer with Windows XP or Windows Vista is required for the Advanced and Expert levels.


  • Understand general computing concepts
  • Understand the difference between hardware and software, and how each works
  • Understand how information networks operate
  • Become aware of security concerns and how to work safely
  • Learn the first steps of using a computer, including using the keyboard, mouse, and Windows desktop
  • Be able to effectively manage and use files and folders
  • Learn how to use the basic Windows applications, including WordPad, NotePad, Task Manager, Calculator, Paint, and Internet Explorer


  • Basic computing terms
  • Anatomy of a PC
  • Input, output, and storage devices
  • Operating systems and applications
  • Legal issues, including licensing of software
  • Networking and Internet basics
  • Computers in the workplace
  • Tele-commuting and the electronic world
  • Ergonomics, safety, and the environment
  • Being proactive about security
  • Protecting your data
  • Understanding malware
  • Using the mouse, keyboard, and desktop
  • Customizing your computer
  • Printing
  • Understand and using files and folders
  • Basic Windows applications
  • Working with a window
  • Working with applications
  • Browsing the Web
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