Counselling Skills for Child Care Workers

You need to bear in mind that your child has a unique personality trait that remains consistent throughout life. Children can be exposed to many issues from academic and social pressure, family breakdown; to more severe adverse life experiences, such as bullying, dysfunctional families, poverty, violence, inappropriate care. This in the long run is very likely to cause emotional, physical and mental health problems. All children will sometimes display challenging and defiant behaviors. However, some children present abnormal and extreme challenging behavior which is not age-appropriate. 

Counseling is the only tool to deal with your child’s issues now days. This training will help u to build a relationship of trust with the child, which is essential. Allowing the child to freely express themselves and gain awareness and understanding of the inner-self. In the therapeutic space the child or adolescent can feel safe, comfortable and understood, making it easier for them to use therapy in a helpful way. Some of the techniques are very creative in delivering the intervention, as creativity is the medium children use the most to communicate. As such playing, drawing, coloring, building is ways to explore feelings and solve problems with the therapist. 

Learning Outcomes:  

After attending this training participants should be able to: 

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the purpose of counselling and the desired outcome of the process to its conclusion.  
  • Apply specialist interpersonal and counseling interview skills. 
  • Identify the correct counseling technique and assessment methods for children. 
  • Prepare behavior support and care plans for children. 
  • Understand and manage referrals producers. 
  • Practice counseling ethics within the workplace.  

 Competencies addressed  

The following sub topics will be discussed: 

  • What is counseling and counseling relationship? 
  • Understanding basic of Counseling as child worker. 
  • Using skills required to communicate effectively and evaluate own communication. 
  • Child therapy. 
  • Positive Behavior Support and Care Plans for children. 
  • Counseling ethics at workplace. 

Target Group 

Child care workers, teachers, parents, kid’s club attendants, religious leaders, community leaders and child protection officers.  

Course ID
2 evenings /1 day
CPD Hours

Training Schedule

Apr 15
Apr 29, Feb 28-Mar 1 (evening), Mar 2
Oct 16

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