Effective Tendering

Course Description

This workshop is for both buyers and suppliers. In recent years, tendering for goods and services has become one of the key functions within the procurement and supply chain. Effective tendering allows organizations to maintain high level of governance by way of practicing transparency and respecting the principles of procurement and supply policies and procedures.

  1. It allows the buying organization get value for money through the wide range of variety and pool of suppler participation while remaining within the boundary of firm’s procurement policies.
  2. Promotes accountability and competition hence brings about innovation. Further allows fairness to all parties participating in the tendering process.
  3. Allows buying organization to identify sources of supply that they did not know of this further allows organization to discover more about the product and the supplier.
  4. Sets audit trail for continuous improvement.

Learning Outcome

Participants will be able to:

  1. Understand and explain the importance of tendering.
  2. Able to assess and evaluate the proposals and make the best decision to award the tender to the most economically evaluated tenderer.
  3. Set criteria and understand how to apply scoring for technical and financial proposals.
  4. From seller’s perspective, participants will be able to understand the risks associated with not fulfilling the tender requirements by the buyers.

Target Audience

Anyone in procurement and supply role or looking at enhancing their knowledge in procurement and supply.

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