Google G Suite: Create


Welcome to the Google G Suite Create course. G Suite is Google’s cloud based, online-only office productivity suite. Among the apps included are Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Google Calendar. No previous experience with Google G Suite or any of its component apps is required. This course is designed to help all new G Suite users to build their competency quickly. You will discover how to log into a G Suite account, navigate its interface, and use its component apps to complete common productivity tasks.

About G Suite

We begin by explaining what Google G Suite is, and what apps are included. Then you move on to signing into your Google G Suite account and navigating the interface.


Google Drive

The next lesson starts you on Google Drive, an online file storage and synchronization service. You will learn how to navigate and work with files, downloading, uploading, and synching them. Folders, sorting, and starring will help you organize them.


Google Docs (Part 1)

Part 1 of this word processing app will start with opening and saving documents and navigating the interface. Composing and editing documents is broadly covered, from text fonts and effects, to headers and footers, page numbers and Table of Contents, and margins, and orientation.


Google Docs (Part 2)

You have not yet left word processing behind, as you advance to working with images and tables, collaborating with other users, and reviewing and distributing documents.


Google Sheets

The fundamentals of this online spreadsheet are the next step in your training. You will learn how to use and understand the concepts of the spreadsheet, and how to import data. Then you will be exposed to formulas and functions, and creating charts and series. The lesson winds up with formatting, finalizing, and sharing your work.


Google Slides

This lesson on the presentation software begins with navigation and naming and saving files. Formatting the appearance of the entire presentation, and individual slides, including animation, is covered. Adding text, images, shapes, charts and notes is next. Finally, you will learn about presenting and sharing your work.