Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Part 1

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Part 1 is a bundle comprising of 8 short courses covering essential PowerPoint skills.

PowerPoint 2016 Part 1: Getting Started with PowerPoint
Students will learn how to navigate the PowerPoint environment, create and save a PowerPoint presentation, and use PowerPoint help (including the new Tell Me feature).

PowerPoint 2016 Part 1: Developing a PowerPoint Presentation
This course covers the key steps in developing a PowerPoint presentation: selecting a presentation type, building the presentation itself, laying out the presentation, editing text, and viewing and navigating the presentation.

PowerPoint 2016 Part 1: Adding Graphical Elements to Your Presentation
Students will learn how to add images, screenshots, screen recordings, shapes, and WordArt to a presentation.

PowerPoint 2016 Part 1: Performing Advanced Text Editing
This course provides techniques for formatting characters, paragraphs, and text boxes.

PowerPoint 2016 Part 1: Modifying Objects in Your Presentation
Topics covered in this course include how to edit, format, group, and arrange objects. Students will also be introduced to PowerPoint’s animation features.

PowerPoint 2016 Part 1: Adding Tables to Your Presentation
This course focuses on how to create and format a table. Ways to add data from other Microsoft Office applications are also discussed.

PowerPoint 2016 Part 1: Adding Charts to Your Presentation
Students will learn how to create, format, and manipulate a chart. The course will conclude with a brief look at inserting a chart from Microsoft Excel.

PowerPoint 2016 Part 1: Preparing to Deliver Your Presentation
In this course, students will learn how to review, print, and deliver a presentation. Techniques for applying transitions to slides will also be covered.


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