Microsoft Word 2016 Part 1

Microsoft Word 2016 Part 1 is a bundle comprising of 9 short courses covering essential  MS Word skills.

Word 2016 Part 1 – Adding Tables
This course is all about creating, modifying, and formatting tables. Table conversion tools will also be covered.

Word 2016 Part 1 – Managing Lists
Sorting, renumbering, and customizing lists are all covered in this course.

Word 2016 Part 1 – Formatting Text and Paragraphs
This course explores Microsoft Word’s formatting tools. To begin, commands on the Home tab and mini toolbar will be discussed. Then, students will learn how to arrange text using tabs and lists. Paragraph layout tools, borders, shading, styles, and formatting management techniques will also be covered

Word 2016 Part 1 – Editing a Document
In this course, students will learn how to navigate through and select text. Modifying, finding, and replacing text is also covered.

Word 2016 Part 1 – Getting Started with Word
To begin this course, students will learn about the parts of the Microsoft Word 2016 interface, how to create a basic document, and how to find help in Microsoft Word.

Word 2016 Part 1: Customizing the Word Environment
In this course, students will learn how to customize the Microsoft Word interface, modify save options, and manage other file types.

Word 2016 Part 1: Proofing a Document
This course explores the commands on the Review tab, including spell check, the Research pane, and the thesaurus. Components of making a document accessible and how to check accessibility are also covered.

Word 2016 Part 1 – Controlling Page Appearance
This course covers page formatting options, such as page color and borders, watermarks, headers, footers, and the Page Setup dialog box.

Word 2016 Part 1 – Inserting Graphic Objects
This course teaches students how to insert symbols and special characters. Techniques for adding images are also discussed.mistake


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