Slack for Business


Slack is a cloud-based platform that connects teams with the apps, services, and resources they need to get work done. This course is intended for anyone who wants to start using Slack. Among the topics you will find are how to set up a Slack account and teams, communicate in channels, use Slack’s communication tools, customize user and team preferences, and manage individuals and teams.

Getting Started

The course begins with an overview of Slack, and quickly moves to creating teams, opening channels, communicating through messages, editing profiles, and getting help.

Communicating in Channels

In the next lesson you will delve deeply into messages, learning the basics of how to manage them. You continue with other features such as mentions, announcements, and sharing. You will also discover how to create, manage and work with threads.

Working with Channels

This lesson will increase your expertise, as you explore how to search channels, invite members, join and leave channels, and rename and customize channels. You will also gain the required knowledge to convert public channels to private, and to archive channels.

Communicating with Slack

This lesson offers you more options, such as direct messaging, posts and snippets, and adding and managing files.

Customizing Your Slack Experience

The next proficiencies you will acquire consist of how to add your personal preferences to Slack, including creating and configuring notifications. Adding and managing apps is also an important part of this lesson.

Working with Slack Teams

The final lesson is about teams.  You will learn how to customize appearances, settings, and permissions. Changing users’ roles, transferring ownership, exporting team data, and deleting teams are some of the other topics that will be covered.

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