Telephone Ettiquette and Frontline Reception Skills


A friendly and professional receptionist immediately creates a fantastic first impression in the
customer’s mind. Just from that first contact, their impression of your organization is one of
being efficient, customer service oriented and professional. Unfortunately, not everyone is
born with a clear speaking voice and professional tone but these are skills that can be easily
acquired with the right training.

What Will Students Learn?

  •  Create a faster and more efficient service over the telephone
  • Providing personal attention to every caller’s needs
  •  Calm irate callers, take proper messages, transfer and place callers on hold
  •  Handle sales call with confidence
  •  Show empathy with a customer regarding their needs & expectation
  •  Handle customer’s complaints over the phone more effectively
  •  Close the call with confidence
  •  Communicate effectively with people at all levels of the organization
  •  Deal professionally and decisively with a variety of “tough” everyday conflict situations that
    you may be called on to handle at work