Tendering and Contracting


Tendering is most appropriate for higher-value, high-risk procurements. High value purchases and projects require a thorough management processes. Regardless whether it is a public or private tender, the prominence of fairness, transparency and integrity are applied across the board. Because tender is a formalized bidding process, the tendering process is susceptible to high level of scrutiny and also exposed to legal challenges where the prospective bidders feel that they were unfairly treated. It is evident that large number of firms now prefer tendering as the best sourcing strategy where general public are given opportunities to participate in the bidding processes. Tendering creates formalized competition without any barrier for firms to participate as long as the bidders are compliant and have the technical and financial competencies and capacities.
This workshop is for both buyers and suppliers. The participants will have the opportunity to interact with each other to understand and evaluate the gaps and expectations of both buyers and suppliers to achieve successful the tendering. Quite often prospective bidders are disqualified from the bidding process not because of the price but because they fail to submit compliant bid. Likewise, the buyers with poorly done specifications and bidding documents fail to engage competent suppliers.


What Will You Learn?
  • The importance of ethics, trust and accountability in tendering
  • Assess the importance of proper tendering processes, compare with own existing policies and procedures
  • Explain when to apply the tendering process as competitive bidding process
  • Demonstrate the relationship between the buyer and supplier in overall tender management
  •  The Primary reasons for tendering, its benefits and risks
  • Apply best tendering principles when evaluating both technical and financial tender submissions
  •  The best bidding strategies ensuring the bidding documents full comply with the tender requirements
  • Importance of good contract management and understanding the contents of the good contract
  • Explain and evaluate the risks in tendering and contract management


Target Group

Anyone in procurement role or specifically handling tenders and who is part of the supply chain management team. Ideal for those planning to pursue a career in supply chain. Also suitable for the construction, hardware, suppliers, manufacturers and firms involved in tendering.

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1 Day
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2020 Training Schedule

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