Warehousing Management

Course Description

Warehousing refers to “that part of a firm’s logistics system that stores products (raw materials, parts, goods in – process, finished goods) at and between points of origin and point of consumption – from transportation perspective, warehousing may be referred as zero miles per hour. Warehousing serves different purposes within the supply chain as it provides security for goods, assurance for good customers services by having goods required by the customers in full all the time and most importantly, warehousing allows for economies of scale allowing firms to obtain goods and services at discounted price based on consolidated volumes.

Learning Outcome

Participants will be able to:

  1. Discuss role of warehousing in a logistics system.
  2. Be able to learn about public, private, contract and multiclient warehousing.
  3. Understand the basic design considerations in warehousing.
  4. Understand the overall warehouse operations and maintaining safety.

Target Audience

Anyone in procurement and supply role or looking at enhancing their knowledge in procurement and supply.

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