USP Pacific TAFE is taking measures to cushion the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on Fijian organisations and their workforce by encouraging them to adapt and grow in this current state by increasing up-skilling and re-skilling efforts. Our Training Stimulus Package is an initiative to encourage employers to continue increasing human capital development during this economic slowdown period. The Training Stimulus Package aims to assist Fijian enterprises to gain a competitive advantage once the economy recovers. It will also help individuals intending to continue their professional development.

The package provides access to our online training platform –

We are dedicated to providing you with the best online learning resources that can help your staff navigate the challenges we’re all facing.

Because knowledge makes us all stronger.

Package 1

For the big & bold

• Entire course library
• 300+ courses
• Unlimited Staff
• $10,000
• Expires Dec 31, 2020

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Package 2

for SMEs

• Choose your courses
• 20 courses, 30 staff
• 3 course per staff
• $3,000
• Expires Dec 31, 2020

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Package 3

for everyone

• $99.00 per course per person
• $300.00 for Certificate of Professional Development
• Expires Dec 31, 2020

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